Thinking About Pet Insurance?

Nov 3, 2023

Our relationships with our pets are precious. For those of us who enjoy their company and companionship, they mean the world. And if they get sick or hurt, we want the very best veterinary care for them that we can afford, just as we’d want the best medical care for ourselves and our family. Pets are family too!

Just like us humans, our pets can get sick or be involved in an accident. Without insurance, the costs of medical care for a beloved pet can run into the thousands of dollars depending on the nature of their illness or accident.

Purchasing pet insurance makes a lot of sense. It can help you manage the cost of your pet’s healthcare. You’ll also benefit from the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can make the right decisions in terms of your animal’s care in an emergency. Decisions not based on your ability or inability to pay for it.

After all, unexpected illnesses or injuries can and do happen. Think how much more reassuring it would be knowing you’ve got pet insurance to cover the expenses. That said, it isn’t right for everyone. Let’s discuss the details!

Is Pet Insurance Worth The Cost?

The jury is out on this question. Some sources say yes, some say no. It’s all in the policy details when it comes down to it, reports Global News. The high price tag attributed to veterinary bills isn’t a myth.

We speak from experience, as we’re sure you could too. We don’t know anyone who’s ever had a pet who found it affordable when it comes to a vet’s bill!

Veterinary medical costs are high, according to Forbes Advisor, and despite being insured by a pet policy, many procedures and conditions may not be covered. Forbes Advisor includes a list (along with a review/evaluation) of their top rated North American pet insurance companies including both pros and cons, on their website.

Any policy you’re considering should outline in detail what is and isn’t covered. As we said above, pet insurance can provide you with peace of mind in the event your pet gets sick or injured, but you want to be assured your animal’s coverage is in line with the type of pet you are insuring.

Dogs and cats, gerbils and bunnies are one thing, horses and large farm animal pets are another! Nowadays people’s pets can range from the usual dogs and cats to exotic birds, reptiles and rare fish, piglets and miniature goats, llamas, horses, ponies and more. Insuring them means different policies are necessary.

Adopting An Older Cat or Dog?

Many seniors adopt an older pet, usually because they don’t want the hassle of training a puppy or kitten and they’re often easier to care for. Generally speaking, do your homework first before adopting an older animal to discover any medical history your new pet may have. When adopting a rescue, the same goes if at all possible. Before adopting, perhaps have a wellness test performed (or ask if there has been a health evaluation done with a report available) on your senior dog or cat choice, prior to saying “yes.”

What’s Covered By Pet Insurance?

When choosing a pet insurance policy, ensure it is underwritten upfront. What this means is that you’ll know exactly what your animal is covered for and also what’s excluded (not covered). No one wants any surprises when they go to make a claim.

Things To Look For

Many pet care insurance plans are made up of a combination of insurable conditions. Some are very basic, others quite complex and all inclusive. An insurance broker can help you choose which individual or combination of services is best for you and your pet(s).

  • General veterinary needs – routine and seasonal pet healthcare – your pet’s regular vaccinations, medications, and any other general treatments.
  • Annual premium to cover costs for illness – which illnesses are or are not covered under the policy. For example, are diabetes or allergies? What about hereditary and behavioural conditions, or conditions affecting certain breeds – for example hip dysplasia in German Shepherds?
  • Annual premium to cover costs for accidents – such as emergency pet care for injuries resulting from an eligible accident, including consultations, exams, hospitalisation, surgery, prescription medications, alternative therapies and specialist referrals performed by a licensed veterinarian.

Ask Friends For Recommendations

There’s a pet insurance plan out there to fit every type of budget and every type of pet. Do your research diligently and ask for recommendations from your animal loving/owning friends, family and neighbours. A good reference is hard to beat, and your pet deserves the best.



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