Speaking of Retirement: David Suzuki is Stepping Down

Dec 9, 2022

Next spring will see world-renowned environmentalist and science broadcaster David Suzuki retiring after 43 years as the host of CBC’s The Nature of Things.

I, for one, somehow thought that iconic host David Suzuki would be a constant fixture on television! It’s hard to believe that I started tuning into The Nature of Things program when I was 25 years old. Many of us think that people like him will never retire. But as we all know he’s only human just like the rest of us – why wouldn’t he finally announce that he too wants to call it quits?

Suzuki revealed his plans to retire during a recent interview with Ian Hanomansing on The National where they discussed not only his legacy, (he began working for the show in 1979) but also recounted many of his ‘aha’ moments, and what he has in mind for the future and how he sees ‘things’ evolving.

TV’s Longest-Running Science Series

Imagine this: Season 62 of The Nature of Things will launch on Friday, January 6, 2023 and David Suzuki’s final episode is scheduled to air later in the spring. It’ll be interesting to find out who the new host will be after he retires. Apparently, the “heir apparent” will be confirmed in the coming days. (UPDATE: here they are!)

A Word from David Suzuki

“I have been fortunate to have been endowed with good health which has enabled me to remain the host of the series long after my ‘best before date’,” said Suzuki in the news release. “Aging is a natural biological process that creates opportunity for fresher, more imaginative input from younger people and for years, I have warned that to ensure the continuation of The Nature of Things, we must prepare for the transition when I leave.

That moment is now.”

“I am so grateful to Canadians who have kept us on air and to the CBC for sticking with me,” added Suzuki.

The Nature of Things is a unique series that stems from an ecocentric rather than anthropocentric perspective, a critical understanding of how we got into the mess we are in and how to move out of it.

Do You Remember Quirks and Quarks?

In 1971, David Suzuki joined the CBC with his enlightening TV series Suzuki on Science. This program was followed up three years later, in 1974, by his personally developed and hosted popular (long running) radio program Quirks and Quarks.

Several more TV specials followed.

There are probably very few Canadians, or people all over the globe for that matter, who’re over the age of thirty and have not heard of David Suzuki. He’s a legend. His programs have certainly been a huge part of my Canadian TV/radio experience, especially as I was always interested in nature, science and exploration as I grew up – as I am even to this day!

You can still tune in to the ever-fascinating program, Quirks and Quarks, on CBC Radio One with host Bob McDonald, who took over the hosting of Suzuki’s program in 1992. These days, even he’s taking a look back on his 30-year relationship with “all things science” programming.

Perhaps now is the perfect opportunity to introduce your children or the grandchildren to these informative, and exciting shows? Tune into CBC Listen for Quirks and Quarks and here for episodes of The Nature of Things. There’s always something new to discover on these programs to stimulate your mind and satisfy your curiosity when it comes to nature and science.

On our part, we plan to tune in as usual and look forward to the evolution of this fascinating program under new hosting.

Featured image by Kris Krüg on Flickr.



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