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Maverick: The Mindset of the Modern Retiree

The first two editions of our E-Book – which have been exceptionally well-received by our membership – dealt with retirement trends and how to recognize and respond to them. We defined the successful retiree as adaptable – as someone ‘able or willing to change to suit different conditions.’ You are adaptable because you have to be.

In this edition of our E-Book series, we take a look at emerging truths about retiree behaviour. Yes, you’re adaptable. But, increasingly, you are also contrarian – inclined to challenge opinions as received.

That doesn’t mean you’re ornery. It simply means that you insist on having a mind of your own. Retiree individualism is alive and well and is, itself, a trend.

Put another way, just because the retirement experts claim to know how you should be thinking, feeling and acting, you’re pushing back. Partly this push back comes from necessity. 30 years – the length of time typical retirements last, though some sources put the number at closer to 40 years – puts even the financially well-prepared in a bind.

You’re also pushing back – gently, it has to be admitted – against conventional financial wisdom about banks and banking.

You’re taking a longer, harder look at Credit Unions in your quest for improved overall financial literacy and, specifically, the quality of financial services you receive and the manner in which they are delivered.

What’s Included in This FREE E-Book?

  1. Financial Literacy – What Happened to Customer Service?
  2. Delayed Reaction – Boomers Are Not Retiring as Predicted
  3. Grey Divorce – Shape up or Ship Out
  4. Push Ups or Push Back – A Personal Trainer With a Six Pack Is a Bad Idea
  5. Neurogenesis – Cognitive Push Back for Seniors
  6. Conclusion – Continuing to Cultivate Cognitive Capacity

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