Making & Sharing Memories on Mother’s Day

May 6, 2022

For many retirees, Mother’s Day is a day for remembrance. Most of our friends whose mothers have passed away say that their Mother’s Day celebrations are especially focused on paying tribute to the most important women in their lives. It was that singular woman who helped make them who they are now, and who also helped them formulate the kind of mother figure they strove to become when they had children.

Often it wasn’t just their mother who played this vital role, but their mother’s or father’s mothers too. Grandmothers, in other words. Sometimes aunts or other special figures.

And that’s who most of us women are now. We’re often the other big influence on the lives of our kid’s kids. And a very much valued one to boot.

Grandmothers offer an enormous repository of wisdom and experience that a new mom may not yet have when it comes to a new or blossoming family, or to an already established and vibrant family dynamic. They can offer assistance, infinite knowledge, unconditional love, care and nurturing, stories and anecdotes about “life” and more to their grandchildren in ways no other person can, notwithstanding grandfathers!

That being said, this year will be, more than likely, an even more special Mother’s Day for so many of us here in Canada (observed each year on the second Sunday in May) due to the fact that it is possibly the first time in a couple of years families can celebrate this special day together and in person.

Conversely, for those of us who’ve lost our mother or a grandmother, either recently or long ago in the past, it will be a day to reflect on those lives lived and cherish the many memories we cling to.

Our Mother’s Day Ritual

In our case, both of our mothers passed away quite some time ago, and we have no children or grandchildren to lavish our love on. So, for us, Mother’s Day is a day to retell funny stories, reminisce and share laughs and tears. Sometimes we’ll watch some old, well-worn home movies and page through old photo albums, recalling some of the wonderful times we spent with our respective mums. It’s amazing how the mind can retain so many memories and specific details – there’s always some new recollection that crops up which makes us chuckle or, quite often, cry. It’s these moments which are so precious and draws us closer together as a couple.

Make it a Very Special Day

Mother’s Day is, as we all know, very commercialised, but it doesn’t have to be. Sure, gifts, fancy cards, flowers and special meals are lovely to give and share to ‘show you care’, but in our experience connection is what most moms want – specifically connection with you. Her family.

Moms want to be with you – no matter what form it takes: visually, verbally, virtually, venerably, veraciously or vicariously – any way you can ‘be there with her’ will make her day all the more special. In their eyes, you’re the cake!

All that commercial stuff is just the icing on the cake.



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