Cybersecurity Protection For Your Business

Sep 13, 2023

Many seniors, us included, have chosen to recreate themselves in retirement. This may involve opening a small business or choosing to establish themselves as freelancers, or perhaps becoming successful entrepreneurs in a niche market doing work that excites them. Doing so broadens their sphere of activity, personal connections and keeps their minds active. Plus, it brings in some welcome income.

For some of the retirees we know, starting a new business has actually become a more successful career opportunity for them than their previous jobs ever were. For example, we have a friend whose retirement gave him an opportunity to open his own DNA Lab after years working for the police department crime lab doing DNA analysis in his hometown. It’s a multi-million-dollar company now. That’s certainly not typical, but is it ever motivating!

Big Or Small, Protect Them All

So, as we’ve said, some retirees’ businesses turn out to be extremely successful and others are perhaps more modest endeavours. Either way, it’s equally important in today’s business environment to consider an enterprise’s cyber security no matter which category it fits into. Your small business could be as much a target as a huge corporation. Those bent on extracting money from the unprotected know no bounds!

Cyber security awareness on your part can mean all the difference when it comes to protecting you, your data, your company and anything else fraudsters want.

The Digital Age Is Great, But…

Technology can leave us, our businesses and more, vulnerable. With an increased reliance on technology for professional and personal use, being cyber secure/aware is more important than ever. Networks and data are under constant threat and need to be monitored diligently.

Ensure your digital safety by implementing secure measures which have been well researched and resourced.

4 Important Reasons To Invest In Cyber Security:

  1. Helps keep sensitive data safe: Cybersecurity helps to protect sensitive data such as personal information, financial data, and intellectual property. A breach in security can have serious consequences, including identity theft, financial loss, and damage to a business’ reputation . A business exposed to a cyber-attack can potentially lose customer trust and future prospects.
  2. Can help combat cyber-attacks: From scams to malware and ransomware, a cyber-attack can take many different forms. That’s why it’s critical to implement cybersecurity protocols across the board, whether the business is large or small.
  3. Keeps you up to date regarding regulatory compliance: Many businesses are required to comply with regulations regarding data protection and cybersecurity. Failure to do so can lead to legal consequences and business loss.
  4. It’s an investment in your business’ safety: An investment in cybersecurity measures can be made based on the type, nature and size of your business. Although it may come at a cost initially, an investment in cybersecurity will pay off should your business suffer a cyber-attack.

Look into reputable cybersecurity options that reflect the needs, goals and budget of your business, and consider investing in them. We believe it’s a worthwhile expense.

Customer & Business Confidence Is Invaluable

A lapse in cybersecurity can cause a business not only financial losses but also the loss of customer trust. This is one area that no one should take lightly, ignore or procrastinate over. The benefits of keeping yourself and your business safe far outweigh the costs to protect it. In simple terms: better safe than sorry!



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