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7 Keys to Cognitive Health

Lifestyle habits and daily choices

When we launched our E-Book series we promised that – among many other issues – we would give our expanding group of followers advance information about trends and opportunities that can help them lead a more satisfying and productive retirement life.

Cognitive health is one of those trends, and we want to tell you about it.

More and more frequently, we read a headline about some promising new drug that might help patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. And we also hear, with equal regularity, about failed drug trials and reversals of promises that a cure-all is in sight.

Preventing and even treating forms of dementia are significantly driven by lifestyle habits and the choices we make daily. You’re not necessarily doomed to whatever fate you think is lurking in your genes.

If there’s one fact that’s increasingly apparent in scientific circles, it’s that our lifestyle choices contribute mightily to our aging process and risk for disease, likely as much—or perhaps even more—than our genetics. At Everything Retirement, we call those lifestyle choices the keys to cognitive health. This 7-part E-Book explores and explains what those keys are.

What’s Included in This FREE E-Book?

  1. The Truth About Cultivating Cognitive Capacity
  2. 6 Paths to Retirement: Psychographic Profiles
  3. Key 1: Eat a Plant-Forward Diet
  4. Key 2: Exercise Regularly
  5. Key 3: Get Enough Sleep
  6. Key 4: Manage Your Stress
  7. Key 5: Continue to Challenge Your Brain
  8. Key 6: Nurture Social Contacts
  9. Key 7: Putting it All Together

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