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5 Science-based Trends That Promote Cognitive Health

How to Combat Cognitive Decline

Nothing is more important in retirement than the maintenance of cognitive health. Of all the trends dominating the retirement landscape today, this is the most compelling. Think about it.

What’s the point of having a robust retirement plan in place – a plan that you’ve developed over a long and productive working life – when you lack the cognitive competence to manage it?

In this, the fourth edition of our E-Book series dealing with trends in retirement, we have decided to take a long hard look at the most monumental trend of all – understanding how to combat cognitive decline.

The latest wave of mainstream scientific studies confirms that you have more control over your cognitive health than you ever believed possible.

In fact, according to a recent report commissioned by The Lancet, one of the world’s oldest, best known and prestigious medical journals, around 35% of dementia cases are preventable.

Considering that Alzheimer’s Disease International1 is predicting that 131.5 million people worldwide are expected to have contracted dementia by 2050, taking steps to minimize this cognitive scourge is an initiative well worth taking.

And here’s the good news. You have the tools necessary to make a success of the effort. The solution is not to be found in vitamins or dietary supplements or the latest hyped up fads.

It’s about adopting a package of 5 key behaviours anyone can embrace – you, your friends and neighbours, ageing family members and even co-workers – that enjoy broad scientific support.

This latest edition of our E-Book series is not about miracle cures. It is about the systematic application of several proven common sense ideas.


What’s Included in This FREE E-Book?

  1. 5 Science-based Trends That Promote Cognitive Health
  2. Pay Attention to Your Blood Pressure
  3. Recognize the Unparalleled Power of Exercise
  4. Commit to a Cognitive Training Program
  5. Embrace the Mind Diet
  6. Adopt a Sleep Ritual
  7. Conclusion: Putting It All Together

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