5 Practical Gifts for the Seniors in Your Life

Nov 25, 2022

Giving the perfect gift can be a challenge no matter who you’re shopping for – but even more so when we want to give a gift to an older/elderly recipient. All too often they’ll quietly say they’ve already got everything they need or want, so no gift is needed – but we have to disagree. Everyone wants to be acknowledged and made to feel special, even despite their protests, and there’s nothing like receiving the perfect present to do just that.

Providing Just the Right Gift

No matter what the reason (special occasion, holiday or just because), a gift should be, first and foremost, thoughtful and personal. Often the least expensive or extravagant gift is the most well received.

To help you get inspired, think about the person to whom you’re giving the gift and what their interests, needs or passions are. This is a great place to start and should provide you with a bunch of ideas. However, if you still find you’re still coming up blank, then here are some suggestions that may fill the bill.

1. Give the Gift of In-Home Technical Support

Are you well versed in all the latest technology? Does IT turn your crank? Do you know how to hook up a smart TV or download apps on a cell phone? How about installing a wireless doorbell camera or teaching someone how to use or maximise their cell phone, laptop, tablet or other electronic device in the home?

Well, then you have a personal gift to give, and that’s one that’s beneficial to everyone in your life, not just the seniors. We can all probably use expert in-home advice when it comes to tech stuff. I know we could sure use some at our place! We often wish we had kids or grandkids to lend us a hand once in a while! And it would be a welcome gift at any time of year, including our birthdays or as a Christmas or other seasonal event gift.

2. Solar Lights to Brighten Up a Front or Back Yard

Have you ever thought about the reasons why so many seniors like to dine out early if they’re planning to eat at a restaurant? Well, apart from taking advantage of the discounts offered by early bird specials, many elderly people like to dine early so they can get home safely before it’s dark out.

If this is the case with the seniors in your world, a neat way to extend their dining window is by giving them the gift of some outdoor lighting – a set of solar lights to brighten their driveway or the walkway leading to their front door. They’ll feel much safer when their way is well illuminated and solar powered lights are the answer. Just be aware that most solar lights perform best with eight hours of sunlight to keep them charged up.

Today’s solar lights have come a long way since they were first introduced to the marketplace. Nowadays, they shine 6 to 12 times brighter than the original models. And they’re really simple to install. Even if a property is accessed by shady walkways or has a shaded driveway, you can buy remote solar panels which you place in a sunny part of the property and run a wire to the solar lights to power their batteries up.

3. House Cleaning and/or Yard-Care Service

You may know an elderly person who may not be as capable as they once were when it comes to keeping their home clean and tidy, whether it’s inside or outside or both.

A great gift would be to provide a cleaning service (on a one-time or on a regular monthly or weekly basis) that can address the more onerous household/yard work chores. Cleaning windows or the stove/fridge and doing any heavy lifting chores, or tasks that require bending down or being on hands and knees would be some good examples of the types of odd jobs a senior may need help with. And then of course, there’s always help needed when it comes to fall and spring clean-up in their garden or patio.

4. An Organiser That Fits Over the Armrest of Their Favourite Chair

Now this is a very practical gift idea which most of us could all use. Just ask yourself how many times you’ve misplaced the TV or the DVD remote. How often have you had to search everywhere and in so doing, missed half or more of your favourite program before you found it?

When choosing an arm rest organiser be sure to consider all the various items that could possibly be stored in it, such as not only the TV remote(s), but also reading glasses, favourite magazines and books, earphones, telephone, a flashlight, pens and notepads, Kleenex – you get the drift. And just think of all that clutter that’ll be eliminated.

5. Necklace, Pendant or Handheld Magnifying Glasses

Years ago, my mother began to experience the effects of macular degeneration and was frustrated that her eyeglasses just weren’t up to snuff when it came to reading the small print on packages and pill bottles, or when it came to doing the newspaper’s daily crossword puzzle – basically if she needed to look at anything small, she just couldn’t see things properly. Even putting her key in the lock on her door became a challenge.

One day I saw an ad for necklace/pendant magnifying glasses and I decided to get one of them for my mother which she could wear around her neck for convenience. It came in really handy at restaurants when she needed to look at a menu and while shopping. It also made getting into her apartment easier too; she’d simply hold it up in front of her lock and easily insert her door key.

As her vision deteriorated even more, I also decided to gift her with a large handheld magnifying glass to use as well. Both were gifts that she used right up until she died. I’ve kept them both for myself and use the large hand-held magnifier quite often now.

Why I Like These Gift Ideas

That day will come for me when I too will not only be struggling to see things properly, or also be unable to do all my yard or housework. And maybe I’ll be unable to navigate my way in the darkness, or misplace my TV remote, reading glasses and other essential things. And then to add to my frustration, some new technology (which happens now as a matter of fact) will leave me baffled and confused! I’ll need all the help I can get, and possibly so will you! What a gift it can be to receive something that makes life just a little bit easier.



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